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Technical Analysis Program

About the Program:

This is a comprehensive classroom programme on knowledge of technical analysis, to understand the strengths of technical analysis. After having in depth knowledge of technical analysis and learning practical implications during this programme a learner will be able to build his/her own trading strategies for intraday as well as positional trades.

Suitable for:

Students of finance, commerce

Stock Analysts, Stock brokers, Sub-brokers

Finance Professionals

Employees with financial service sector.

Anybody having interest in this subject

Programme content:

Introduction to Stock Market

Introduction to Charts

Margin Concept

Concept of Short Selling

Introduction to Derivatives

Trading Basics

Placing Bracket orders/After market orders.

Trading with Trailing Stop-loss.

Candlestick Charts

One candle pattern

Two candle pattern

Three candle pattern

Pattern Study



Head and shoulder

Double/Triple top and Double/Triple bottom

Gap theory

Flags Triangles

Technical Analysis Indicators

Lagging Indicators: SMA, EMA, DMA

Leading-Momentum Indicators: RSI, RSI Divergence, MACD


Guppy Trading System

Volume Weightage moving Average VWAP

Price volume actions

Money Flow Index

Advanced Directional Momentum Index

Trend Analysis

Trend Reversal Formations

Trend Continuation Formations

Volume & Open Interest

Intraday/Positional Trading Strategies

John Murphy’s 10 Laws of Technical Trading

Dow Theory

Elliott Wave Theory

5-waves Dominant pattern

3-waves Correction pattern

Fibonacci Golden Numbers

Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci Extension

Risk and Money Management

Rules for Discipline Trading

How to trading with low risk high reward

Programme highlights:

Practical applications on real market data. Utilise derivative strategies with technical strategies. Able to prepare technical research reports. Able to prepare daily basis reports. Create your own market forecast. Identify trends and important price patterns. Recognize patterns. Use technical indicators. Apply technical theories

Duration of the programme:


Programme Fee:

₹ 15000/-

Fee includes Registration fee, Service tax, notes, books, software for technical analysis. ₹ 5000/- extra for NSE certified Technical Analysis Module. It includes the certification examination fee for NSE as well.

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