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IISMA- Amritsar

Technical Analysis

Intraday Trader,

Positional trader,

Swing Trader,

Scalper etc. 

₹- 20,000

Smart Seven Strategies

From the pool of IISMA's in-house established algorithmic trading setups, seven trading setups will be taught and given for trading with one month 3 month free Trial period

₹- 15,000

Intelligent Investor

Portfolio Manager,

Mutual Funds,

Retirement Planning,

Tax-Exempted Instruments.

₹- 15,000

Forex Trading

Currency pairs,

forex trading in foreign markets, strategies based on forex trading

₹- 20,000

Futures & Options

Call-Put Options Trading,

Margin Trading,

BankNifty 3-4% fixed return strategy

₹- 15,000

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