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Pine Script Course

This course integrates Tradingview Pine Script, algorithmic trading concepts, and diverse trading and investment strategy development processes into one comprehensive program. It caters to individuals with minimal Python knowledge, emphasizing practical application and efficient strategy creation.


Course Duration: 2 Months (45 Sessions)

Course Fee: INR 50000

Course Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pine Script for algorithmic trading.

  • Learn to create custom indicators, strategies, and backtests.

  • Explore advanced features like arrays, tables, multi-timeframe charts, and more.

  • Develop a solid foundation in technical analysis and trading psychology.

  • Build and deploy your own automated trading systems.

Module 1: Introduction to TradingView Pine Script

  • Introduction to TradingView and Pine Script.

  • Understanding Pine Script syntax and structure.

  • Creating basic indicators and strategies using Pine Script.

  • Working with data types, variables, and operators in Pine Script.

Module 2: Algo Trading Concepts and Standard Practices

  • Fundamentals of algorithmic trading (algo trading).

  • Types of algo trading strategies.

  • Backtesting and optimization of algo trading strategies.

  • Risk management and performance evaluation in algo trading.

  • Standard practices and ethical considerations in algo trading.

Module 3: Trading and Investment Strategy Development

  • Identifying and analyzing trading opportunities.

  • Developing trading strategies based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and quantitative analysis.

  • Implementing trading strategies using Pine Script.

  • Optimizing trading strategies using backtesting and performance evaluation.

  • Integrating trading strategies into an automated trading system.

Module 4: Advanced Topics in Algo Trading

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in algo trading.

  • Algorithmic trading platforms and infrastructure.

  • High-frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic execution.

  • Market microstructure and algorithmic trading.

Module 5: AI-Powered Algo Development with ChatGPT and Bard

  • Utilizing ChatGPT and Bard's natural language processing capabilities to generate Pine Script code.

  • Understanding the proper syntax and inputs for ChatGPT and Bard-generated code.

  • Fine-tuning and optimizing AI-generated code for optimal performance.

Module 6: Practical Applications and Case Studies

  • Implementing real-world algo trading strategies using Pine Script.

  • Case studies of successful algo trading strategies.

  • Developing and deploying algo trading systems in live markets.

  • Troubleshooting and debugging algo trading strategies.

  • Continuous learning and adaptation in algo trading.

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