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Indian Institute of Stock Market Analysis

​IISMA is a financial literacy initiative of QT Trainings Pvt. Ltd. in financial world. We provide the best research to help you grow your portfolio and we also teach you to be a professional traders and make your materialistic dreams come true (while working as your investment adviser). We believe in quality – quality of solutions, quality of service and quality of relationships. Our approach to managing your wealth is based on you – understanding you and working in close partnership with you & your financial goals in order to understand and anticipate your financial needs and objectives.

You don't have to be genius to invest successfully

Bringing Out a Researcher in You.

A good Analyst not only can teach you how to analyse the market but can also bring out the capability of seeing the upcoming moves in Stock Market in you by igniting the innovative and rational thinking. Predicting the trends not only gives you confidence but also prepares your mind to overcome the further challenges and hence preparing strategies in advance.

Learn Stock Market Strategies - Like a Life Style.

We at Training Programs not only provide the Technical but also Fundamental approach towards analysing Stock Market. We help you think in a logical and rational way. Here Stock Market doesn’t remain till the reach of Technical Analysis but becomes a subject for Research.

Connecting People.

We are committed to create wealth for people by bringing their knowledge up to mark in Stock Market and hence they themselves can choose when to enter and when to exit this Market not on the basis of speculation but like an Analyst, a Chartist or a Professional Trader.

Meet The Team


Mr. Manjinder Singh

Mr. Manjinder is a backbone for IISMA in context to managerial issues. With double Masters as his educational qualification, he can handle ups and down for IISMA. His keen interest in stock market has always forced him to look for best curriculum for the courses at IISMA. He is a connection between the traders/Learners at IISMA and the instructor.

Mr. Hemant Sharma

Mr. Hemant is a risk manager and has vast experience in trading with specialisation in fundamental analysis. His expertise lies in stock selection based on industry analysis. He invests actively for many client's portfolios.


Mr. Hamandeep Singh

Mr. Gurtej Singh

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