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Automate Your Strategy

Learn Pine-script for TradingView, Python or Machine Learning for automating your trading strategies. Learn to automate your strategy through various API's on different platforms for stock's trading or cryptocurrency trading.

Generate alerts from trading-view and automate them to take trades in your own broker's account.

IISMA can help you automate your trading strategy with our team of expert python coders.

Various time series models, neural network, decision trees, etc. are taught for algorithmic trading and various complex/advanced trading techniques.

Trading Bots

Our Trading Experts Team along with python developers make customised trading bots based on your strategy for stocks as well as for options. These setups are further tested before giving to the clients. 

we as team of research analysts also help in optimising your strategy and can suggest you if your strategy will work down the line or not.

our Team has technical analysts, research analysts, experienced traders, python developers, pine-script experts, researchers from derivative segment.

Traders Club

At traders club, you will be turned from novice traders to professional trader while trading along with the professional traders with help of various trading softwares running on screens.

Strategies alone dont work in changing markets. We make you understand volatility and then based on it how strategies vary, one gets live examples by trading among professionals.

We are simply a community by the traders, for the traders with one goal that is to share knowledge.

We are professional investment planners, moneymanagers, trading our fund in the stock market. We would like to invite experienced as well as new traders who are looking to find edge in the stock market trading.


Meet The Founders

Gurjant Singh, Director at IISMA

Gurjant Singh

Mr. Gurjant is a visionary leader for IISMA who started teaching with a view of giving financial literacy to one and all. With his rich experience as trader, investor, algo-trading developer and research analyst, he himself contributes to IISMA as a faculty as well. His knowledge is based on self learning through more than 1000 books read so far. A writer, a philosopher, a guide, a mentor for IISMA.


Dikshita Wadhawan

Dr. Dikshita Wadhawan, Ph.D. (Finance), M.Sc.(Mathematics), MIFA, CFA(ICFAI), is an options analyst with specialization in Index options and presently working on thesis on financial derivatives, her focus for IISMA is always research driven. Her only vision and mission contributes towards making IISMA a “Research-driven” Institute. With her vast experience in stock market , she believes in exploring the financial markets across the globe.


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