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Algo Trading

Need automated trading setups ? 

we have inhouse developed automated trading setups as well as algorithmic setups like webhook alerts automated trading, python based backtesters, tradingview based alerts, live trading setups functional with both python as well as Pine script. we cover all the markets, namely, Indian stock market, USA stock market, Canadian stock market, Forex Trading, Australian stock market etc.

Automate Your Strategy

Automated trading accounts for nearly two-thirds of today’s volume in financial markets. The majority of this is performed by high-frequency trading.We are talking about building a strategy and having that strategy automatically work for you. Your own strategy developed from the ground up that performs well and produces reliable returns is preferable and we are here to code it in either python or PineScript (trading-view) as per your customisation.


Learn How to Use and Manipulate stock market data in Python or Pine-Script(Trading-View) so You can Fully Automate a Trading Strategy. Use Python to Automate your Trading, load Historical Data and Backtest your Strategy, optimize your Strategy to Find the Best Parameters to Use, Connect to Multiple  Exchanges​.

Algo With Gurjant

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