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Unwinding the Transformer: Should You Invest in Indo Tech's Electrifying Growth?

indo tech transformers limited

Indo Tech Transformer Limited: High Voltage Growth, But Can It Hold Power?

Rating: 7.8 on a scale of 1 to 10

Current Status (Jan 1, 2024):

  • CMP: ₹662.40

  • Market Cap: ₹703.47 Cr

  • Sector: Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

  • Key Products: Power transformers (75%), distribution transformers (15%), special application transformers (10%)


  • Explosive historical growth: Revenue CAGR of 53.69% and Profit CAGR of 123.22% over the past 5 years.

  • Solid financials: Robust ROE (24.78%), low debt-to-equity (0.50), and consistent dividend payout.

  • Benefiting from macro trends: Growing demand for power infrastructure, renewable energy push, and grid modernization initiatives.


  • High valuation: PE ratio of 20.84 compared to industry average of 16.34, indicating potential overpricing.

  • Declining net cash flow: Raising concerns about future growth sustainability.

  • Competition: Facing pressure from established players like ABB and Crompton Greaves.

Mid-term Price Target (1-2 years): ₹720-770, assuming market correction and stabilizing factors.

Long-term CAGR (5-10 years): 15-18%, assuming continuation of strong growth trends and successful adaptation to market dynamics.

Similar Companies:

  • ABB Power India Ltd (Market Cap: ₹16,214 Cr)

  • Crompton Greaves Ltd (Market Cap: ₹43,063 Cr)

  • Siemens Ltd (Market Cap: ₹68,242 Cr)

Historical & Future CAGR Comparisons:

  • Indo Tech 5/10-year CAGR (Revenue/Profit): 53.69%/123.22% / 43.40%/78.61%

  • BSE Power Equipment Index 5/10-year CAGR: 12.68%/15.54%

  • Nifty 5/10-year CAGR: 12.50%/14.00%

Daily Chart Trend: Currently consolidating near resistance levels.

Investment Recommendation:

  • Hold: Existing investors can hold for long-term potential due to strong fundamentals and growth story.

  • Cautious Buy: New investors might wait for a price correction or market clarity before entering.

  • Sell: Investors with short-term risk aversion or valuation concerns may consider selling.

In conclusion, Indo Tech Transformer Limited presents a compelling investment opportunity with its impressive historical growth, robust financials, and strong alignment with macro trends in the power sector. However, a high valuation, declining net cash flow, and competition from established players raise concerns about the sustainability of its explosive growth.


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