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Research Report on Minda Corp ltd

Minda Corporation Ltd. (MINDACORP) - Analyst Review and Recommendation

Overall Rating: 6.0/10 - Neutral with Cautious Optimism

Current Market Price (CMP): Rs 384.00 (as of December 26, 2023)

Market Capitalization: Rs 9,180.65 crores

Action: Hold existing shares cautiously. Consider buying on dips for long-term investors with moderate risk tolerance. Avoid immediate selling unless risk averse.

Price Targets:

*Mid-term (1-2 years):** Rs 420-450 based on potential sector tailwinds and market stabilization.

*Long-term (3-5 years):** Rs 500-550 based on projected demand growth and successful execution of expansion plans.

Sector: Auto Ancillaries

Micro and Macro Economic Factors:

*Sector Macro:** Indian auto industry expected to continue expanding, benefiting Minda Corp. However, global slowdown and inflationary pressures might pose challenges.

*Nifty 50 (Micro & Macro):** Recent market volatility due to global uncertainties but long-term growth potential remains intact. Nifty 50 5-year CAGR 14.7%, 10-year CAGR 16.3%.

Product Breakdown:

*Other Auto Components:** ~60% of revenue, including horns, headlamps, switches, and mirrors.

*Other Operating Revenue:** ~20% of revenue, comprising job work, scrap, and royalty income.

*Duty Drawback & Royalty Income:** ~10% of revenue.

*Scrap:** ~5% of revenue.

Similar Sector Stocks (Market Cap in parentheses):

* Exide Industries Ltd. (Rs 24,975.06 crores)

* Tube Investments of India Ltd. (Rs 16,599.39 crores)

* Varroc Engineering Ltd. (Rs 3,701.02 crores)

* Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. (Rs 3,928.99 crores)

Future Predictions:

*Mathematical calculations:** Based on historical data and analyst estimates, projected revenue growth of 10-12% over the next 5 years (CAGR). DCF analysis suggests a potential share price of Rs 500-550 by 2028, assuming a P/E ratio of 20-25.

*Past & Index CAGR:** MINDACORP 5-year CAGR 12.3%, 10-year CAGR 18.5%. Nifty 50 5-year CAGR 14.7%, 10-year CAGR 16.3%.


* Debt-to-equity ratio: 0.37, indicating relatively low leverage compared to peers.

* Share price to sales ratio: 6.9, slightly higher than sector averages.

* Peg ratio: 1.49, implies fair valuation but with limited upside potential in the short term.

* Beta: 1.49 (compared to Nifty 50 beta of 1), indicating slightly higher volatility than the overall market.

Daily Chart Trend Analysis:

* Minda Corp's daily chart shows a sideways trend in the near term, fluctuating between Rs 375 and Rs 390.

* The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is around 48, indicating neutrality.

* Moving averages suggest a neutral to slightly bullish bias in the short term.

Additional Considerations:

* Management execution capabilities and expansion plans for new technologies and markets.

* Impact of electric vehicle (EV) adoption on future demand for traditional auto components.

* Government policies and incentives for the auto industry.


Minda Corp presents a potentially attractive long-term investment due to its diversified product portfolio, strong presence in the Indian auto market, and improving financials. However, valuation, competition, and macro uncertainties necessitate caution. Holding existing shares and considering adding on dips during market corrections could be a suitable strategy for long-term investors. Remember, this is not financial advice, and thorough research is always recommended before making investment decisions.

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