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Orient Paper: A Hidden Gem in the Indian Paper Industry?

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Orient Paper India Stock Analysis: An Insightful Look (2023)

Rating: 6.5/10 (Hold with Potential Upside)

Sector: Paper & Forest Products

Current Market Price (CMP): ₹43.20 as of December 26, 2023

Market Capitalization: ₹916.64 Crore

Industry Context:

  • The Indian paper industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7-8% in the next 5 years, driven by rising literacy rates, increasing packaging demand, and government initiatives.

  • However, challenges like rising input costs (pulp, wood) and competition from recycled paper remain significant.

Company Analysis:


  • Strong financial performance: Revenue growth of 61% and profit growth of 443% in FY23.

  • Healthy financials: Debt-to-equity ratio of 0.34, interest coverage ratio of 15.21, and efficient cash conversion cycle.

  • Strong operating leverage: Average operating leverage of 6.98 indicates strong earnings growth potential.


  • Lower profitability compared to peers: ROCE and ROE remain below industry averages.

  • High dependence on imported pulp: Increases cost volatility and sensitivity to currency fluctuations.


  • Rising demand for paperboard packaging due to e-commerce boom.

  • Government focus on import substitution presents scope for domestic pulp production.

  • Expansion plans in specialty paper segment could drive future growth.


  • Intense competition from established players and potential new entrants.

  • Fluctuations in raw material prices and foreign exchange rates.

  • Environmental regulations on deforestation and water usage could increase costs.

Technical Analysis:

  • Short-term trend: Slightly bullish. The stock has gained 3.35% in the last month.

  • Mid-term trend: Moderately positive. The stock has appreciated 18.36% in the past year.

  • Long-term trend: Uncertain. The stock has stagnated for the past 5 years.

Future Predictions:

  • Applying historical data and industry outlook, a CAGR of 10-12% seems achievable in the next 5 years, potentially pushing the price to ₹60-70 range.

  • However, external factors and company execution could significantly impact these estimates.

Similar Companies:

  • JK Paper (Market Cap: ₹2,926.59 Crore)

  • ITC Paperboards & Specialty Papers (Market Cap: ₹3,453.66 Crore)

  • Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd (Market Cap: ₹859.99 Crore)

  • Paper Products Manufacturing Ltd (Market Cap: ₹265.60 Crore)


  • Debt-to-equity ratio: 0.34 (Healthy)

  • Share price-to-earnings ratio (P/E): 8.70 (Fairly valued)

  • Sortino ratio: N/A

  • Price-to-sales ratio: 0.84 (Fairly valued)

  • PEG ratio: 0.02 (Undervalued)

Beta and Volatility:

  • Beta compared to Nifty50: 0.93 (Slightly less volatile)

  • Beta compared to BSE Paper Index: 1.15 (Slightly more volatile)

CAGR Analysis:

  • Orient Paper: Past 5 years: N/A, Past 10 years: -0.3%

  • BSE Paper Index: Past 5 years: 6.3%, Past 10 years: 7.5%

  • Nifty50: Past 5 years: 12.5%, Past 10 years: 11.2%


Orient Paper displays potential for future growth but faces both internal and external challenges. Its valuation makes it an interesting proposition, but cautious optimism is advised. Holding with an eye towards potential upside makes sense in the current scenario. Consider buying more if the company successfully tackles its weaknesses and capitalizes on opportunities. Avoid selling immediately unless significant negative news emerges.

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