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Multibagger Alert, a chemical stock you can't miss

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Archean Chemical Industries Ltd (ACI) - Multibagger stock

Detailed Analysis and Investment


Overall Rating: 7/10 - Attractive Long-Term Buy with Moderate Caution

Action: Hold existing shares, consider adding on dips. Avoid immediate selling unless risk tolerance is low.

Price targets

  • Mid-term (1-2 years): Rs 800-850 based on potential sector tailwinds and bromine price stabilization.

  • Long-term (3-5 years): Rs 1000-1200 based on projected bromine demand growth and ACI's market leadership.



  • Dominant market leader: ACI boasts a 70% share in the Indian bromine market and significant global presence, making it the world's second-largest player.

  • Diversification: Industrial salt contributes ~30% of revenue, providing stability during bromine price fluctuations.

  • Growth outlook: Bromine demand is expected to rise by 5-7% annually due to its use in lithium-ion batteries, flame retardants, and water treatment.

  • Government tailwinds: Make in India initiative and focus on lithium-ion batteries benefit ACI's expansion plans.

  • Solid financials: Consistent profitability, healthy debt-to-equity ratio (0.28), and strong free cash flow.


  • Commodity dependence: Revenue hinges on bromine prices, susceptible to global market dynamics.

  • Competition: Domestic and international players like IOL Chemicals and TATA Chemicals pose competition.

  • Geopolitical risks: Disruptions in global supply chains could impact bromine prices.

  • Valuation: P/E ratio slightly higher than peers (17 vs. 15), but justified by growth potential.

Product breakdown

  • Bromine: 70% of revenue, primarily used in lithium-ion batteries, flame retardants, and water treatment.

  • Industrial salt: 30% of revenue, used in various industries like chemicals, textiles, and food processing.

Similar sector stocks:

  • IOL Chemicals Ltd (IOL)

  • Tata Chemicals Ltd (TCL)

  • Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd (GNFC)

  • Aarti Industries Ltd (AIL)

Future predictions

Mathematical calculations:

  • Based on historical price and financial data, projected EPS growth of 15-20% over the next 5 years using discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis.

  • This translates to a potential share price of Rs 1000-1200 by 2028, assuming a P/E ratio of 20-25.


  • Debt-to-equity ratio: 0.28, indicating low financial leverage.

  • Share price to sales ratio: 3.5, slightly higher than peers but acceptable considering growth potential.

  • Peg ratio: 1.25, implying fair valuation but with potential for upside.

Additional considerations:

  • Management execution capabilities and expansion plans.

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

  • Director reports and company announcements for future outlook.


ACI presents a compelling long-term investment opportunity due to its strong market position, attractive growth prospects, and tailwinds from the bromine and lithium-ion battery markets. While moderate caution is advised due to commodity dependence and competition, holding existing shares and adding on dips is recommended for investors with a moderate risk appetite. Carefully monitor market dynamics, company performance, and future announcements to make informed investment decisions.

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