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Indo Borax & Chemicals: A Sparkling Gem in the Chemicals Industry ?

Indo borax & chemicals ltd.

Company Overview:

Indo Borax & Chemicals Limited (IBC) is a leading manufacturer of borax, boric acid, and lithium hydroxide monohydrate in India. They boast a strong market presence and cater to various applications across diverse industries like glass, ceramics, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

Current Market Data:

  • CMP (as of 27th December 2023): ₹212.75

  • Market Cap: ₹680.39 Crore

  • Sector: Chemicals

Rating (7.5/10):

Buy with Moderate Caution: IBC presents a compelling long-term investment opportunity with strong fundamentals and future potential. However, current market volatility suggests caution and a strategic approach.



  • Strong market position: IBC enjoys a dominant position in the domestic borax market with limited competition.

  • Diversified product portfolio: Offerings beyond borax mitigate dependence on a single product and provide revenue stability.

  • Healthy financials: Debt-free position, high profitability, and strong ROE point towards a financially sound company.

  • Growth potential: Expanding lithium hydroxide production caters to the booming EV battery market.


  • Exposure to global prices: Dependence on imported raw materials exposes IBC to fluctuating prices and currency changes.

  • Limited geographic reach: Focus on the domestic market restricts revenue expansion potential.

  • Macroeconomic headwinds: Inflation and supply chain disruptions pose challenges to profitability.


  • Growing demand for borax: Borax applications in glass and ceramics industries are expected to grow, benefiting IBC.

  • Lithium hydroxide boom: Rising demand for electric vehicles fuels the lithium hydroxide market, offering significant growth potential for IBC.

  • Government initiatives: Supportive policies promoting domestic chemical production and lithium-ion battery manufacturing favor IBC.


  • Competition in the lithium market: New entrants in the lithium hydroxide space could pose challenges.

  • Environmental regulations: Stringent environmental norms may increase compliance costs.

  • Technological advancements: Alternative materials and recycling technologies could impact borax demand in the long run.

Financial Ratios:

  • Debt-to-Equity: 0 (excellent, debt-free company)

  • P/E Ratio: 13.83 (fairly valued compared to sector average)

  • Beta: 0.78 (lower volatility than the market)

Historical and Future Performance:

  • IBC's 5-year CAGR: 23.09% (strong historical growth)

  • Nifty 5-year CAGR: 12.2%

  • Chemicals Sector 5-year CAGR: 15.1%

  • Future CAGR prediction for IBC: Predicting a precise future CAGR is challenging. However, if IBC capitalizes on the lithium hydroxide opportunity and navigates market challenges effectively, a CAGR closer to the sectoral average or even exceeding it is possible in the next 5 years.

Technical Analysis:

  • Daily chart trend: IBC is currently in a consolidation phase with mixed signals. A break above ₹220 could indicate potential upside, while a drop below ₹200 could signal further weakness.


Indo Borax & Chemicals presents a compelling investment opportunity with solid fundamentals, strong growth potential, and a debt-free balance sheet. However, ongoing market volatility and global headwinds warrant a cautious approach with a focus on long-term holding. Investors seeking exposure to the chemicals and EV battery market with measured risk tolerance can consider buying IBC strategically. #chemicalindustry

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