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Grauer & Weil Ltd.: A Diamond in the Rough? Can they Polish their Financials?

grauer & weil (india) limited

Grauer & Weil India: A Mixed Bag with Glimmering Potential (Rating: 6/10)

Company Overview:

Grauer & Weil India (GWI) is a diversified chemical manufacturer in India, offering surface finishing solutions, engineering services, and mall operations. They cater to various industries like metals, electroplating, and infrastructure.

Current Market Data:

  • CMP (as of 28th December 2023): ₹115.60

  • Market Cap: ₹3028 Crore

  • Sector: Diversified Industrials (Chemical Sub-Sector)

Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Factors:

  • Chemical Industry: Growing at a healthy pace, but facing headwinds like raw material price volatility and environmental regulations.

  • Infrastructure Development: Government initiatives boosting demand for surface finishing solutions, though economic slowdown might impact progress.

  • Real Estate: Mall segment remains sluggish, facing challenges from e-commerce and changing consumer preferences.

Product Revenue Breakdown:

  • Surface Finishing: 75% (dominant and profitable)

  • Engineering: 15% (contributes to revenue diversification)

  • Mall Operations: 10% (underperforming segment)

Similar Companies and Market Cap:

  • Aarti Industries (₹7,953 Crore)

  • Atul Ltd. (₹3,063 Crore)

  • Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers (₹3,954 Crore)

Historical and Future Performance:

  • GWI's 5-year CAGR: 14.67% (positive but stagnant)

  • BSE-200 Index CAGR: 12.2%

  • Chemicals Sector CAGR: 15.1%

  • Future CAGR Prediction: Predicting a precise CAGR is challenging. If GWI focuses on core strengths (Surface Finishing), manages debt, and navigates market headwinds effectively, a CAGR closer to the Chemicals Sector or even exceeding it could be possible in the next 5 years.

Technical Analysis:

  • Current trend: Sideways with mixed signals. Breakout above ₹120 could indicate potential upside, while a drop below ₹110 could signal further weakness.


While GWI holds promise in its Surface Finishing business and benefits from supportive government initiatives, current financial weaknesses and challenges in the other segments necessitate a cautious approach. Existing investors can hold with patience, expecting improvement from core operations. New investors should wait for signs of financial turnaround and market stabilization before entering.

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