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Gurjant Uppal

14 years of stock market experience and skilled in trading, investing, and market analysis, Mr. Gurjant is a visionary leader for IISMA who started teaching with a view of giving financial literacy to one and all. with 7 years of Python development: Proficient in Flask and Django web frameworks for creating powerful web applications and being a Pine Script expert and crafting custom strategies and indicators for the TradingView platform. some of his commendable works related to Automated trading bots are Designed for cryptocurrency, Indian markets, forex markets, and various broker APIs.

With his rich experience as Trader, Investor, pinescript and Python Developer and research analyst, he himself contributes to IISMA as a faculty as well. His knowledge is based on self learning through more than 1000 books read so far. A writer, a philosopher, a guide, a mentor for IISMA.

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